Perform in the Park

Perform in the Park

Mermaids & Pirates

When Long Gone Silver and his hapless pirates sail up to Treasure Island, they’re not expecting Marina and her super-cool mermaids. Chaos ensues and, after The Sacred Coconut goes missing, it’s down to singing parrot Rita Conchita and her friends to save the day.

With a galley of larger-than-life characters including Jack, the Seasick Pirate, shy mermaid Myrtle and Coco, Queen Of The Island, Mermaids & Pirates is a one-hour musical packed with calypso-infused songs, salsa-inspired dancing and laugh-out-loud humour. Aimed at 4-11s, it’s a Caribbean adventure the whole family can enjoy.

The Dream

Social media is going mad for the star-studded engagement of footballer Theseus and his popstar fiancée, Hippolyta. But, when tech bro billionaire, Oberon, goes up against Titania for the streaming rights to the wedding, a quartet of young celebrities get caught up in his schemes. Meanwhile, will Bottom and his Dude Mechanicals get a shot at fame and fortune?

With media moguls, popstars, YouTubers and fashion influencers, The Dream brings Shakespeare’s classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream bang up-to-date with an hour of infectious songs, exuberant dancing and hilarious dialogue. Aimed at 7-14s, this is a celebrity sensation everybody can enjoy.

Chris Fearn plays Long Gone Silver in Mermaids & Pirates, and Oberon in The Dream.