About KSA

Meet the team at Keddie Scott

Fiona Keddie-Ord

Fiona (Fi) studied Theatre and Music at the University of Glasgow before going on to the London School of Musical Theatre.  What followed was a jolly 10 years of mainly actor/musician productions which she can’t be bothered to list because she very quickly realised that agenting was where she wanted to be…and so came her first birth – Keddie Scott Associates.  Despite the Scottish roots, the London office was the first on the map and that is where Fiona happily resides.  Now wedded with twins – a crucial part of any professional biog and consequently, births 2 & 3 – with a daily commute from the suburbs, Fiona has moved in to the realms of “serious adulting”.  A keen (borderline obsessive) long distance triathlete, she mostly gets up at unreasonable times of the morning to train before settling in to the daily joy (and challenge) that is Talent Management.  

Jonathan McHardy

Jonathan, (you can call him Jon!) studied English Literature at Sheffield University. After straying North he made his way back to the big smoke, where he trained and worked as an actor before returning to the other side of the industry. He previously worked as an assistant to Michael Foster and thoroughly enjoys working as an agent and championing great clients. If he’s not in London it’s probably because he’s gallivanting about the country and watching his beloved Norwich City (love will do strange things to you!) 

Richard Vincent

Richard, who goes the by the name of Dickie, trained at the London School of Musical Theatre and spent several years hoofing-it professionally in productions of Grease, High School Musical, and Wicked, as well as an array of children’s theatre, London fringe, and panto. Once it became apparent that he could no longer pass for a teenager he knew it was time to put this experience to good use in supporting and celebrating the next generation of talent. Generally, to be found making tea and hunting out biscuits.

Neil McNulty

From an early age Neil loved performing and at the tender age of 8 starting working with Scottish Opera until his angelic voice broke and he was unceremoniously ‘cut’ from the show. Years later he graduated from RSAMD and went on to have a 10 year career working in Film, TV and Stage. In 2013 he hung up his doublet and hose for the final time and joined Conway Van Gelder Grant, going on to run the commercial department and later become an agent in his own right. In 2019 Neil joined the team here at KSA where he runs an acting book alongside heading up the Commercial Department.

Paul Harper

Paul hails from Glasgow in Bonnie Scotland and worked as an Actor for ten years before moving over to the dark side. He had a lovely time working on great projects with amazing people but knew he was destined to wear a camel coat for the foreseeable future, so Agenting life it had to be. Now, a proud owner of two camel coats (it’s cold in Glasgow), Paul loves working closely with his Agent family on his incredible list of talented artists.  #LoveMyJob

Euan Nixon

Euan trained in Musical Theatre up in sunny Glasvegas (gow). After quickly deciding it wasn’t the life for him, he soon turned his attention to other avenues.  Then one fated day, Paul and Euan met leading on a workshop.  Following which, Euan kept his eyes and ears peeled for an opportunity to work with Paul and Keddie Scott.  He’s clinging on to being the youngest member of the team, although if you knew about his knitting, sewing, quiet coffee catch ups and other granny-like hobbies, you may not be convinced that he is.

Anthony Williams

Anthony hails from Newcastle and has worked within the entertainment industry for most of his adult life, as a director, choreographer, actor, Dame extraordinaire, follow spot operator and general Lovie. He met Fiona Keddie whilst working on AMAZING GRACE for Michael Bogdanov and unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to shake him off since!!!! Eventually, after failing as a ‘Flip Flop’ model for HAVIANAS, he decided to hang up the tap shoes and fish nets and took up the opportunity to open the Northern Branch of Keddie Scott. His hobbies include Mountaineering, Abseiling, Dry Stone walling, Roller-skating, Aerobics, White Water Rafting and macramé!!!!!!

Frankie Rogers

Like so many others Frankie headed to London with stars in his eyes and promises of the street paved with gold. But having found neither stars nor gold once he got there, Frankie packed up his bag and went travelling around the world as one half of a double act, until his mother called him and told him his dinner was ready. Now back in the UK Frankie is delighted to be part of the KSA family, discovering and nurturing new talent within the industry.